Monday, June 25, 2007

TL Hines Carries On

If anyone's read any of this blog, you'll see that I am a member of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. It is a group of bloggers who hope to highlight new books in Christian fiction. We are readers and writers. Some just like a good book, others want to review fiction, and yet more are studying the craft of fiction. It is a great little community, and I invite you to check it out if you are interested.

The thing is, it wouldn't be here if it weren't for TL Hines. Tony is the brainchild of this group as a way to spotlight Christian books on the web. He's an author and marketing guru. He figured out how to use our blogs' collective influence to get a book noticed on Technorati, a major internet player. We had the privilege of featuring his first book, Waking Lazarus, a year ago. Tony got too busy to be in charge of it, but a lot of what my blog is about is due to him and the CFBA.

I'd like to ask you to keep Tony in your prayers.

Today on Infuze they posted that he has been diagnosed with a serious form of lymphoma (cancer of the lymph glands). I don't know Tony personally, but have interacted with him over the web, and he is tackling this in true TL humor and style.

Read the TL lymphoma blog for more!

It would be great for anyone you know who is dealing with such a chronic, potentially fatal illness. However, it is also just great writing and an insight into an intelligent, funny, and poignant man.

Keep an eye out for his next book, The Dead Whisper On, and the accompanying blog tour later this summer. And remember Tony in your prayers as he battles. I'm sure he will fight the good fight, but we can lift his arms and spirits as well!

Blessings, Tony.

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