Friday, June 29, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I'm a big superhero fan. I've always daydreamed of doing something extraordinary to help people. So I have been a long time fan of comics and superheroes. I had the Super Powers series as a kid. Basically I'm a sucker for the resurgence of superhero movies over the last several years.

I will admit to liking the first Fantastic Four movie. It wasn't high art, but a fun enough popcorn flick. I think the fun was seeing them discover how to use their powers and to work together as a team. Some comic movies aim for dark and brooding. Some carry a powerful theme, like the Spiderman movies. Others are meant like FF, just fun summer fare.

Unfortunately, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, can't seem to find a groove and stick with it. It tries to be light at times. It tries to show the importance of relationships and the value of self-sacrifice. It tries to entertain. It fails on all counts.

I like Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba as actors, but they really don't have chemistry and don't show much interest in this movie. Alba in particular shows up to look pretty, but the acting is mailed in. The actors playing the Thing and Johnny Storm don't take things as serious and they are the main parts worth watching through the film. Because the film tries to focus on the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, it falls flat.

The Silver Surfer as the titular bad guy is amazing from a CGI aspect. Doug Jones does a great job with the movements of the Surfer, but the voice of Lawrence Fishburne only goes for gravitas without much else going for it. The action is fairly limited, and the payoff at the end of the movie with the arrival of Galactus is wasted, as we don't really see the main baddie who threatens the Earth.

Doctor Doom wasn't very popular in the last movie, but I thought he worked well until he started throwing one-liners. His return this time is pretty much limited to the one-liners, so he becomes a big disappointment in my opinion.

Overall, FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer will make an okay rental movie sometime this winter on a cold fall day (if there's no football on, that is), but isn't worthwhile as a summer movie experience.

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