Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tebow Haters

Here we go again.

I'm a big football fan, but I generally try to keep it off this blog. I'm not willing to turn this into a sports yak place.

Still, I have to comment on the continued hubbub that surrounds the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Tim Tebow. #15.

The man is polarizing. That much both fans and detractors can admit. I can see the points on both sides as far as his football acumen goes.

His throws are often inaccurate. He runs at the first sign of trouble. The offense generally looks miserable for a good portion of the game. Still, he is 4-1 as the starting quarterback. His late-game heroics against the Jets were amazing. You can't deny the kid's will to win and competitive attitude. And I suggest people compare Tim's stats to those of John Elway in his first starts - interesting to say the least.

If you're picking on him for his unpolished football skills, I say that's fair game. But the people that spew personal venom and attacks at him are boggling my mind. I've seen comments on the internet (by people hiding behind anonymous "screen names" I might add) that hope he is caught with a prostitute or some other compromising situation.

Why is this?

My opinion is that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. And some people are not comfortable with that. Jake Plummer, the ex-Broncos QB, complained this week that people get that Tebow loves Jesus, and he shouldn't keep mentioning it. So self-promotion is acceptable, but when someone wants to mention Jesus, that needs to be kept private.

There are many people anymore who think faith is fine for others, if they keep it to themselves. You can believe in Jesus, but don't wave it my face. It has gone from don't talk about religion and politics in polite conversation to not bringing it up at all. Don't witness to me, don't even bring it up.

Then Tebow walks what he talks. I don't blame our culture for being sick of Christians who spout religion and don't actually follow through with it (this could be considered "taking the Lord's name in vain"). But Tim Tebow is a man of faith. He has spent time volunteering in orphanages oversees, he has a foundation that supports numerous worthy causes, and he is never negative when discussing his attackers or those who spew hate toward him. He is a good witness to what he believes.

Personally, I think Tebow brings conviction to people. They are not living the life that they should, and they know it. When you see someone like Tebow come along who is bold in his faith and lives it even bolder, it strikes at their own failings. Instead of listening to the message, they attack the messenger.

I think Tim is strong enough to handle this - not because of his power, but because of the Savior he lives for. I'm tired of seeing it though. People are entitled to their opinions, and if Tim doesn't pan out as an NFL quarterback he will have more to live for than most people who ever don a pro uniform. But be real if you're going to criticize him. If you don't like him because of his faith, why is that? Don't go with the surface answer - that you don't want to hear others' religion. Why do you REALLY dislike it? Is there a deeper reason?

I dare you to be honest. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travelin' Blog

Hey y'all!

I have been expanding my writing repertoire as of late. I am an occasional editorial writer for the Post Register newspaper in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Now I'm expanding out a bit.

Starting with Nashville.

My wife and I had not had an extended getaway from the kids since...ever. We were lucky enough to have help from family to watch the little ones, and we took off to Nashville, TN over Memorial Day Weekend. Once we got there (stupid American Airlines) we had a fantastic time.

Of course, as a writer, I had to take advantage of it. I have been a fan of Lisa T. Bergren's books since we read them for the CSFF Tour a few years ago. She also has the travel bug, and runs a travel blog, The World Is Calling. She writes it for family getaways, and she is willing to take guest posts.

Using time in the airport while trying to get home (stupid American Airlines), I got started, and between Lisa's busyness and mine, we were able to connect. My post on our weekend trip to Nashville is now up and live at her blog. Find thrills, chills, and even a cicada encounter in this harrowing tale.

See you on the road!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Back On The Horse

"Heading" in the right direction?

Full disclosure - I've never actually fallen off a horse. Not a literal horse. I'm talking about the figurative horse. Of course.


Last week the best laid blogging and writing plans were up-ended by crises. Yes, multiple. The different situations are still working themselves out, but some of the consequences are trying to get back to everything.

I'm working on getting regular blog content in here, and missing a week was not in my best-laid plans. Also, I was building up some momentum in my WIP, and it's thrown me just a little (not as bad as this cowboy though!).

What's a writer to do?

Get back in the saddle, of course. It is easier for some to pick up where they left off and keep moving. Others have to ease back in. I've always struggled with getting back into it if I lose momentum. I lost the last idea I had for a blog post. So as a good writer should, I'm turning THAT into something to write about.

I bet the guy in the picture above sure got on another horse (maybe not that one, but still...). It shouldn't stop us either. I had a good excuse from last week, but last week is gone, and I can't use it as an excuse any more. What will get me back in the saddle?

Doing my routine. Get out the cell phone, set the time, and get writing. That turns off the internal editor, and the rules are "NO internet" during this time. It gets me 300-500 words in a 20 minute shot, and that's more than I'll get if I putz around, or sit in the dirt feeling sorry for myself.

Besides, if I stay in the dirt, that darn animal might come back for another crack at me.
What say you? What has thrown you from your game before, and how do you get back up?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why I'm Not Doing NaNo

Call me Scrooge if you want.

November is the month writers come out of the woodwork, participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo to the uninitiated). It is a great time of fellowship with fellow writers, all encouraging one another to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. There are groups that meet all over the country and internationally. It is a big deal in the writing community.

And I've learned I need to sit it out.

I'm not saying NaNo is bad at all. It can help people who have always wanted to attempt a novel to take the plunge and start writing knowing they have company. Experienced writers can use it as a jumpstart to a new project. Technically, it is supposed to be a new project and not a previous work, but I know many people use it as a time to get more writing done.

I've found it doesn't work for me.

I've tried it twice now. One time I participated in a group and made some friends there that I still keep up with on Facebook. It just doesn't help me in my writing. Both times, I've plowed ahead trying to keep to the 1667 daily word pace required to finish in thirty days. Both times, it drove me into a wall with my writing that took me a couple of months to get around.

I don't know why it makes me crash. I've realized that forcing it won't work for me. I was even tempted to try it again this year, but a good article by my friend Becky Miller helped me identify my problem during NaNo:
...the pace doesn’t allow the new writer to collect himself when the story bogs down, to learn what might be the problem, and to discover how to get out of it.
I will be trying hard in November to keep BIC (butt in chair) and press ahead with my story, especially since I'm in a good place with my plot. I'll be cheering on all my writing buddies doing NaNo as well. I just won't be going for the 50,000 goal with you, but best of luck to you!
Have you done NaNo before? If so, how did you do? Please share!