Friday, April 28, 2006

Acoustically Challenged

"What's that? Speak up!"

I feel like that this morning. I went to the Switchfoot concert last night. It was a fun and interesting time. My wife was supposed to go with me, but was sick. Also a friend ended up needing a ride for their kids going. So I ended up accompanying 3 middle-school aged kids. They did well for their first rock concert.

The title of this post refers to my hearing and the setting of the concert as well. It was in Reed Gym, and any gym is horrible for acoustics. We also got there late, and ended up WAAAAY up in the bleachers. We heard the concert better on the echo than the first time, it seemed like. Unfortunately the sound aspect wasn't the best it could be. We got some good bass though. I think my teeth are still rattling...

The opening act was a group called Lovedrug. Meh. Their songs didn't have much variety, and the lead singer seems to copy Dave Matthews to a point - mostly making his singing unintelligible by trying to do a slight falsetto. All four of us: thumbs down.

Switchfoot was a different story. It was obvious they were veteran craftsmen considering their music and showmanship. Even despite the lead singer going to jump up on the drum platform and instead tripping and crashing into the drumset! Professional as ever, both he and the drummer kept going - but the roadies rushed out between songs to make sure everyone/thing was OK!

The show was very entertaining, despite the poor location. I think the highlight was during the song "Gone", when the keyboardist slipped onto the drumset and the drummer was banging away on a kid's sized set. Right on! The four of us: thumbs up!

I happened to overhear someone in the line before the concert asking, "Are they a Christian band?" As if that was a bad thing. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up the response. But I think I will do a little consideration of some of their lyrics over next week, to see what can be said in artistic ways to get a point across to people.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog

Eight posts now. Yippee! I've done enough to need my archive. I guess that is more than a lot of people do.

I hope that I will have a little more targeted purpose over time. But this is a new venture, so I'm feeling the whole thing out.

If any blog-savvy folks want to leave a suggestion about what they'd like to see, or hints, I'd sure take it. Otherwise I'll keep fumbling around here until I find my rhythm.

Speaking of rhythm, I'll be going to Switchfoot tonight at Idaho State University. Rock on! I'll let you know if I have any hearing left tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Forensics & Faith: Blour du Jour

Forensics & Faith: Blour du Jour

Pink Five Standing By

I promised some silliness in the title of the blog, and I shall not disappoint!

Atom Films has just released Return of Pink Five, Episode I. This is the 3rd part of a Star Wars spoof started with Pink Five and continued with Pink Five Strikes Back (beginning to see a pattern here, are we?). There are a lot of SW fan films and parodies out there, but this series is a must view. It stars a valley girl Rebel pilot named Stacy, who seems to find herself in...familiar situations. You can read more about this here.

Also, check out today's Forensics and Faith post (link above) to follow the Blog tour featuring Brandilyn Collins' latest book, Web of Lies.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

News on Nepal

I am pleased to have good news on my update on Nepal!

Last night the king agreed to reconvene Parliment, which would pave the way for a new constitutional assembly. This is a major victory, and it has brought a temporary peace to Nepal. Instead of protesting, the people have been in the streets celebrating. I have friends that were on the cusp of leaving, but for now are safe to stay where they are.

There is still major work to be done though. The Maoists have broken off from the other opposition groups, saying that they're not done protesting until the king is gone. This may be a ploy for negotiation, but it is still a serious situation. The Parliment will come together on Friday to begin work. This may be a major corner that this poor country has turned.

Please continue to pray for Nepal and its peace.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Pray for Nepal

I don't know how many people out there pay attention to international affairs unless they have an interest in the area. Well, a benefit of the internet is that the plight of certain people can be highlighted fairly easily.

I would encourage anyone who comes across this post to pray for Nepal. It is a poor, landlocked country wedged between India and China. It is the home of the Himalayas and Mt. Everest. It is a land of wonderous beauty. And it is a land of intense darkness.

Nepal has been having worsening political difficulties for the last few years. In 1990, the king gave in to popular protests and instituted a constitutional monarchy. In 2001, his son, the crown prince, killed several members of the royal family in a drunken rage and turned the gun on himself. Since then the king's brother, Gyanendra, has assumed the throne.

The country has been dealing with a Maoist insurgency over the last few years. Last February the king took control of the country, returning it to a Hindu absolute monarchy, under the presumption that he could deal with the worsening crisis.

At first the people supported the king, hoping for a resolution to the stalemate. However, the situation has become more desperate. The last 16 days has seen continuous protests despite curfews. People have been killed by security forces in demonstrations.

To any of my Christian readers out there, please pray for the situation. Today Gyanendra announced he would restore democracy, but the opposition is still not satisfied with the specifics. It is an amazing turn-around, but the next few days will be telling. It seems no accident to me that the Global Days of Prayer for Nepal were held on April 8-9. I have missionary friends on the ground that are seeing people recognize that they need more than what the government can provide. Those of us in the West can have an impact in this situation by getting on our knees and lifting up the country of Nepal: that peace will reign, that the bloodshed will end, that justice will be done, and that the physical and spiritual needs of the country can fully be addressed.

Check back here for updates on the situation as I hear more. Thank you!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


This has been the view out my front window the last few days. Our neighbors across the street did some mowing on Saturday, then took Easter Sunday off. We woke up Monday morning to almost 6 inches of thick, wet snow.

What fun...

Anyway, all the snow has melted except for this hardy guy. Notice the unmowed grass around him. It seems pretty strange to see such green grass with a snowman hanging out there!

Such is life in Idaho. Never plan anything outdoors, because it can snow anytime.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Your choice

I had hoped to make a quick post during my lunch break today. Unfortunately, I got caught in an impromptu lunch meeting, and that idea was shot.

What do we do when our plans go awry? I always come back to this saying that I quote a lot: we can't control people or circumstances around us, but we can control our reaction to it.

So do I let the situation knock my mood down, ruining the rest of my day? Or do I choose my response carefully, and move on with what I have to do? It is all in the attitude.

(This is also my second post! I wrote the same thing, and ended with "I likely will be tested on this principle since I am writing about it". Then I hit 'publish', and Blogger said it was still doing its scheduled downtime, an hour after it said it should be done. Nothing like putting your words into immediate action!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Good morning!

Just what this world needs: another blog, another person's opinion on everything out there. Well, I can't promise that this will be especially outstanding. I'm an ordinary guy in a small town in Idaho. But the title of this blog is called "Spoiled for the Ordinary" for a reason. The reason is, I serve a big God, a God of adventure and life. I serve in His kingdom, and because of that reason alone, I have been "spoiled for the ordinary".

Everyday life doesn't cut it anymore. Sure, I have to pay bills and go to work and pump my own overpriced gas. However, there is more out there than what we see with mortal eyes. When you truly follow Jesus Christ with abandon, leaning on Him for your every need, you begin to see the workings of this other world. Right now we "see through a glass; darkly". We don't even start to get it. Yet, there is life with richness, full life. By being a disciple of Jesus, not just going to church, but truly trying to live the life He calls for, there is more beauty, more freedom, more joy than I can adequately describe.

So I am here. I plan on writing about life as I see it. We'll see what this leads to.

*grabs mike*

"Testing, 1...2...3... Is this thing on?"