Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Conference Decompression

That was fast.

The 2013 ACFW Conference in Indianapolis has come and gone like a blur. It seems only a few days ago I was talking about the 2012 conference in Dallas. Sheesh.

The Northwest writers. 
You might wonder what happens when 580+ writer types gather in one place like that. Being a guy who likes speculative fiction, I could say that it tears into the space/time continuum, but that might be a little exaggeration.

If you are serious about writing, going to a conference is a great thing to do. You are around other creative types that understand the process, the joys and battles of it all. There are great opportunities to learn the craft and meet people to encourage and help you along the way.

For those who have gone to ACFW and couldn't make it this year, you were missed. The conference filled up due to a lower capacity at this hotel. It was nicer than Dallas in that we were downtown, so it was possible to get out and about.

I'm proud to belong to a group like ACFW because of the fellowship in Christ we also share. It isn't every conference where you find a couple of writers huddled in a corner discussing plots or future plans and then bowing heads to pray about the things shared. That is a special part of ACFW that is a real benefit to Christian writers.

I have some friends that want more details. Here's a running list, and feel free to contact me if you have questions about anything here.

*I didn't know much about Robin Jones Gunn, the keynote speaker, but she was a joy and such an encouragement. She spoke like a true storyteller and helped put things in perspective for all of us. I think she was exactly the person needed there.

*If you can go to a James Scott Bell lecture or workshop, do it. There's a reason he is spoken of so highly in writer circles for the craft. He presents so well and lays out the tricks and tips he's learned in such an entertaining and helpful way. I've read his book Plot & Structure, but this brought it home even more. The only downside is that it was a full-day workshop, so I had to miss out on some other interesting possibilities.

*I need therapy now thanks to Tosca Lee. She presented a class on making unsympathetic characters sympathetic. She had us write about betrayals, loss, fears. I thought I had dealt with those issues, but she dredged them all up. Actually, this was quite helpful in making my bad guy better.

*Storytelling games with speculative fiction writers beats all. Just sayin'.

*Leave it to Peter Leavell to get one hooked up with the cool crowd.

*The costume night was a big hit and a very smart, diplomatic move by the conference organizers. No one got kicked out this year! Good job Robin and company.

*Pitching to agents and editors was much easier the second time around. Though I still wish I would have brought chocolate as a bribe. Just in case.

*I would like to see some way to gather and encourage the men at ACFW. We are outnumbered by far and I think it would be a boost to have some fellowship in some way.

*There is still a lot of talk about traditional publishing vs. small press vs. self-publishing electronically. The issue is big and is still in a lot of flux. Check out Rachelle Gardner's ebook for the same content she shared in a class there.

*There are a lot of creative people out there who love the Lord. I pray we all look to see how best we can serve Him and others with our gifts. Perhaps some of us should be broader in scope - finding ways to reach out to the general market or provide quality stories with heart that prepares the way for their readers to be more open to the spiritual.

*The elevators were a great place to meet and greet. Sometimes we got really close on the elevators. Seeing as there were only four and the stairs weren't handy.

"Are you my mummy?"
It was a great time, and despite some last minute doubts, this conference turned out better than last year for me at least.

And yes, I'm wearing a fez. Fezzes are cool. (Bonus points for the reference there).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It Be A Pirate Holiday

Arrr, yeah!

It be that favored holiday of this here blog, International Talk Like A Pirate Day. For years Spoiled For The Ordinary has championed September 19th as a high day of silliness and pirate-y things. This year be no exception.

For today only, get the excellent pirate novel Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey free on Kindle, Nook, or whatever preferred vessel o'reading ye have.

Here be some other fine pirate tales from the master story-teller George Bryan Polivka. This blog has featured these tales before as well.

The Library of Congress has some excellent reading for you scurvy dogs that can actually read.

I may not fancy these Buccaneers, but anyone who has a pirate ship in their stadium is a salty dog.

And these rascals of the Seven Seas 'ere not to be trusted. They make break out in brawlin' or a piano duet at any time. ARRR!