Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Restorer Wrap-Up


This was certainly an interesting CSFF tour. There were some opinions expressed that generated some heated discussion at times. I think overall most of the conversation has be productive and helpful. A little of the tone was not exactly what I would hope for in a group of Christians, but we are far from perfect and will hopefully grow from the experience.

My overall impression remains that Sharon Hinck's The Restorer, the focus of the tour this week, is an ambitious work that really seems to resonate with a female audience in general. I wouldn't say male readers shouldn't approach the book, but I could not connect to the writing or the main character. It seems that one intention of the book is to open fantasy up to women who may not otherwise consider it. In this circumstance I think the book has great potential, and would be pleased to see this happen. I already know of one female friend I will give the book to.

I've made an effort to check all of the people listed in the tour at least once, and some I've visited multiple times. I've tried to pull some of the interesting content together. Please don't be offended if your posts aren't here: I had to stop at some point!

Marcus Goodyear wonders about the purpose of the tour.

John Otte (starting with 6/17 and following) provides a great interview with Sharon and is a guy who liked it.

John Ottinger brings things together with grace.

Karenee loved it and responds to a negative review.

D. G. D. Davidson (6/18-6/19) posts a critical review and some thought-provoking essays (to say the least). I may not agree with them, but they are an interesting read.

Wayne Thomas Batson (6/18-19) discusses blind praise versus flames, and challenges us to do everything in love.

Tina reviews the book and pulls questions from its discussion guide to answer on her blog. An unique approach to the tour!

I have all the links for the other tour participants on 6/18/07's post. Check out the others (Hanna Sandvig's is worth it for the art and pictures alone...)

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