Sunday, May 27, 2007

Review - Snitch

Okay, I missed my review post when I said - holiday weekends with family can kind of clobber the best blogging plans. But don't take my tardiness for disinterest, for if you like a laugh at all, you don't want to miss Snitch.

This is the second of the Occupational Hazards series, following the kids from a homeschooled family who leave the family clown business when their parents died in a tragic hot-tubbing accident. This book focuses on Mackenzie "Mack" Hazard, a police officer from Las Vegas who had an appearance in the first book, Scoop.

She is chosen for a special undercover task force involving stolen vehicles, though this decision is questioned by the aging head of the task force, Ron Yeager.

His task is to train this rag-tag bunch of officers into a unit able to bring down this crime ring. He may have lots of experience, but nothing prepared him for Jesse, his hotshot maverick; Dozer, the loveable narcoleptic; Wiz, who likes to visit the bathroom; Mack, who wears her faith like "an ever-present badge"; and the mysterious Kyle. The stakes get higher as the team must learn to trust one another to even survive.

This sounds like your typical crime/suspense novel. It is, but then again it is anything but. Gutteridge is perhaps the funniest author currently writing Christian novels. The story moves along and draws you in, but it is the zany cast of characters and the zig-zag journey the author takes you on that makes this book sparkle. I have an hour bus commute to work one-way, and I had to stifle many laughs so I wouldn't draw the stares of my fellow passengers. The book was a great read - my only complaint is that I was drawn in so much that I am already finished! I'm not ready for it to be over. Gutteridge has an original voice and talent with keeping you guessing that you don't feel like you're reading - you feel like you're along for the ride of a real-life sitcom.

Basically, Rene is one of my favorite authors now, and her books are worthwhile for great humor and stellar writing. Be sure to check out both books from the series!

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