Friday, June 30, 2006

Watch Out Germany!

I thought I could give Germany a chance to see what it is up against!
Here is our outreach team a week before we head out. Yes, that is us taking our 3 boys with us to Germany. We believe God has a special impartation for them there, and are excited to bring them!

Top, L to R
Marsha, Hailie, Angela, Peggy, and Lee.
Bottom, L to R
Nathan, Beccy, Matthew, Caleb, and me (the one in the hat, not the diaper).


  1. Brian Lee9:11 AM

    It was weird to see this and, hey, I know some of these people. And they look pretty much the same as when I last saw them 7 years ago!
    Here's some helpful hints for dealing with the German language -- When you bump into some one, say "chew the gum." It sounds just like the German word for "excuse me."
    And when you want to say "good bye" after a tiring trip or experience, realize they're probably just as tired of you and say "I feel the same." It sounds just like the German word for "good bye."
    Have a good trip!

  2. Great picture, Jason. How fun to see you and your family.

    Blessings on you and your trip.

    Having spent time in a couple other countries, I would agree that the experience will be key for you, your wife, and your boys.


  3. Lindaknaus5:29 AM

    Where did Brian Lee learn his German? Usually people don't say anything when they bump into you. You just bump back.
    Since you are landing in Bavaria you say "Grüss Gott" or in Allgäuerisch "Grisdi" und Pfitdi" oder "Auf Wiedersehn".
    Looking forward to seing you.
    Bis morgen Linda

  4. God's put some nice arrows in your quiver, babe.

    His blessings on your outreach!

    Hubby is left rooting for Germany, since the US tanked and Brazil got booted.