Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

Every new year brings resolution, changes, promises. And everyone knows that so many of these fall by the wayside. I am glad that my new year is a good, secure change.

I have my job.

2006 became a crazy year back in June, when I blogged about how my contract at my job wasn't being renewed. The timing was very interesting - just after I was preaching about living in the adventure God has for us.

I finished up at my old job right at the end of August, and thought I would have a couple weeks at home before getting a new job. I had a few interviews lined up pretty quick, so it seemed like it wasn't a big deal.

Except for what the Lord was speaking.

As I prayed, I had a sense this process would take some time. My wife felt that I wouldn't get a job right away. My pastor had the same leading.

Great. ;)

None of the interviews worked out. The places decided they weren't ready to hire, or I wasn't the right person despite a good resume and interview. One place just never got a hold of me again (not too bad, I didn't want to work there anyway).

So I had a long fall of hanging out at home, spending time with my family and with God. It was a good time of reflection and learning. I wish I could say I got a ton of writing done: I also had a wicked case of writer's block a lot of the time.

Right before Christmas I got the call that I was being offered the job that I was pursuing. It looks to be a great deal, with four 10-hour shifts a week and a steady schedule. More importantly, it seems to be God-ordained. My wife reminded me of when I said, "I would never work there" (I can't recall...).

One thing the Lord reminded me of during this time was the principle of letting Him work in His time. It was frustrating at times to be looking for a job for six months, and be out of work for four months (aside from a little fill-in work recently). But whenever I took it to Jesus, He spoke encouragement to me to let Him handle it. He provided for our needs. We didn't incur any debt during this time. He is faithful in all He says.

So 2007 promises to be a good year for me. I pray that whatever He has for you this year will be to your benefit. Of course, sometimes bettering ourselves means going through hard times to purge us, so be careful what you wish for!

Blessings (and thanks for the prayers and support to those who did)!


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