Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Go Broncos!!!

No, not the Denver variety, the ones who dropped out of the playoffs on Sunday (my condolences for your fallen teammate - a tragedy).

Boise State University, of Smurf Turf fame, went and made all of Idaho proud, and shocked the big power-makers of college football. And they did it in the most imaginative, entertaining way possible.

Hook and ladder on 4th and 18 for a touchdown. Halfback option pass in overtime for a TD. The ol' Statue of Liberty play for the gutsy 2 point conversion that sealed the win.

Boise State proved against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl that they can play with the big boys. So here's a shout out online for the boys in blue! Way to go guys. For an excellent article describing the Boise State win, click here.

Oh, and if all this wasn't enough, the running back who scored the winning 2 points proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend while on national TV. Dude!

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

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  1. yeah, I heard about that proposal, how cute.