Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pray for Your Favorite Atheist!

Brandilyn Collins had a post today that I could whole-heartedly support. It seems there are a couple of guys running around saying that they have the truth, and the truth is that us religious folk are out of our minds.

Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have written two best-selling books that promote the idea that Christianity (and other religions, but we know who they're talking about) is irrational. Well, having read Francis Schaeffer I would disagree.

However, Brandilyn's point is not debating them, but suggesting prayer for them. To us, it is the best thing possible that we can do for them. To them, as BC puts it:
Of course, these two men and their followers can’t be the least offended by our campaign. No point in them leaving nasty comments on this blog. After all, there is no God, and we’re talking to thin air. So if we want to waste our time, why should that bother any of them in the least? What is the point of arguing with the deluded?

So check out the post from Forensics and Faith today. Here's a link to Isaiah 50:4-5 (NIV). If it so moves your heart, then I encourage you to partake in this prayer challenge as well!

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