Saturday, January 20, 2007

Calling All Nations Live CD

Whoo-hoo! Just got the CD for Calling All Nations, back in July 2006. We were hoping for a DVD of the event (which doesn't seem to be in the works right now), but the CD is great to bring back memories of the day.

There was a little disappointment with a few aspects of this. The Psalm Drummers opened the day with amazing anointing and power, but the CD segment of them is very short. Some songs on the CD were edited such that they don't come across as live performances as much, until the end when the crowd cheers. (Side note: we also were bummed not to hear ourselves in the international choir on Brian Doerksen's song "Come", but I figure we were pretty hard to pick up properly)

We could argue about the choice of songs, but with 10 hours of worship, it is an impossible task to pick them all! Some highlights on the CD are "Consuming Fire", "Mercy Is Falling", "One Hope", "Don't You Know", and "All Over This World".

I know it was one day, and life in the Kingdom goes on, serving Jesus day by day. Still, it is important to remember where and when the Lord has met you, so when you are in a desert place you recall the faithfulness of our King in all we do - even in a time of trial. Posted by Picasa

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