Monday, April 22, 2013

CSFF Blog Tour - Broken Wings Day 1

A question: how do you fly with Broken Wings?

The Christian Sci-fi/Fantasy Tour (CSFF) is back with the latest book from Shannon Dittemore. Broken Wings is the second book in her Angel Eyes trilogy. This is a unique situation for our tour, because we just featured the first book in the series, Angel Eyes, in January. We don't usually get to review books in a series so close together. Readers won't have to wait long for the conclusion either. The final book Dark Halo will release in August. Certified fresh content.

In the first book, Brielle Matthews had her eyes opened. In Broken Wings, she sees more than she may be able to handle.

Brielle had returned to her hometown of Stratus, Oregon, after tragic events happened while in Portland at an exclusive arts school. Thanks to her boyfriend Jake and her new look on life, things have settled down. However, her father has taken up drinking again and is seeing a younger woman that makes Brielle's skin crawl. Jake is hiding something. And a startling event opens up old wounds regarding her mother's death when Brielle was just a little girl.

Unknown to Brielle and Jake, the demonic forces they tangled with in Angel Eyes aren't done with them yet. A new offensive is authorized to strike the small town of Stratus. This time, even having the eyes of an angel may not be enough to save all Brielle cares about.

That's the preview. The review will be following tomorrow. Hope to see you there. My posts from the tour for Angel Eyes is here. If you want to see what others are saying, check out the fellow tour members below.

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