Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Laughing Matter

LOLZ! So funny!

Last week I was part of a blog tour for the book Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos. One aspect of the book that was always brought out was its humor in the way it dealt with serious issues of faith. Matt's sense of humor didn't resonate with everyone, but everyone recognized it was a valid device to get points across.

So how do we make others laugh in our writing?

I am writing a suspense. I hope it is suspenseful. I hope it keeps people turning the pages. But I also want there to be some laughs in the midst of it. Not only do I enjoy that type of writing, I think it helps control the mood. If a writer can disarm a reader with a laugh at one point and hit them with a gut punch of drama later on, the reader has more of an emotional ride from it.

I'm the type that really enjoys laughing. My favorite writing combines suspense, good characterization, and a sense of humor. Some of my favorite authors are James Scott Bell, Tim Downs, and Rene Gutteridge. They are all known for a clever or witty voice. Even in a serious book, they have moments where the reader is disarmed by a funny comment or piece of dialogue. Heck, I read the romance Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones because of her humerous writing.

I try to do that in my own writing. I like to find the little surprise or twist that catches people off guard. I don't know if it is working, but if it makes me smile after reading it over again, my feeling is it has potential.

What do you think? Do you try for humor in your writing? If so, how do you go about putting the funny in there?


  1. Funny is as funny does. Oh wait. One of the best at it to add to your list of fine authors who achieve this amazing feat is Sibella Giorello. Hilarious, LOL parts/dialogue/internal thoughts/characters in the midst of excessive stress and suspense.

    How to accomplish it? It comes naturally to some and must be organic. But how? Don't know.

  2. I haven't had the chance to read Sibella yet. I've heard you and Tim rave about her. What would be a good book of hers to start with?

  3. Mark H.11:07 AM

    I don't know if there's a "right" answer. If I want to have a suspenseful scene, I write what feels suspenseful. If I want something funny, I write what makes me laugh. Hopefully the readers will agree, but you never know for sure!