Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CFBA Tour - Save the Date

We interrupt this blog tour with another blog tour.

I also review for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. This week they are featuring Jenny B. Jones and her latest book, Save the Date.

I hope it has been established now that I'm a dude. I like explosions, football collisions, and helicopter/car chases. All three mashed together is awesome sauce.

I found out about Jenny B. Jones through Chip MacGregor, fiction agent extraordinare who is enough of a dude that he wears a kilt. In public. He highlighted her as a very funny writer. So I decided to get her book to review, likely having my wife read it.


I didn't get it in time to finish it for the tour, but I am laughing out loud while reading it. And it is a ROMANCE. Now, it does have an ex-football player, which gives it a few manly points, but note that he is an EX. I don't care. I'm enjoying her writing style, the prose, the witty sense of humor. And I really want to see what happens to Lucy and her girls' home.


Take that for what it's worth, and check out her book.

(Time to blow something up...virtually...like in a video game...hey, don't look at me like I'm weird...)


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    great post!

  2. Could be one of my favorite reviews ever. Handing you your Guy Card back...

  3. Love it! Great review, Jason :)