Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Body and the World

This quote is from Nigel Goodwin, an actor and commentator on The Kindlings Muse podcast I blogged about last week. The last podcast I listened to was a discussion of Bob Dylan and "the new spirituals," artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes.

The context is talking about artists who speak on spiritual issues but don't operate under the umbrella of "official Christian" music. I think this can apply to any artist, whether acting, writing, music, filmmaking, etc.

"There's often too much of the world in the body, and not enough of the body in the world. We're not out there engaging the marketplace, and so...we want these people to be our voices and we squeeze them into boxes and we beat them up and bully them. And even when they come into the sanctuary, we behave...more vulgar than the world out there in some cases...

[Dylan] knew this went on out there...but didn't really expect it to go on in here. We are bums being redeemed. Now if we stay bums, that's dumb, but if we're in process, that's good news."



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