Monday, April 20, 2009

Boarding a Blog Tour

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Whew, time for another blog tour! My favorite tour is the Christian Sci-fi/Fantasy tour, and this month we're featuring the pirate-y musings of George Bryan Polivka in...

Hey, who are you?

What are you doing? Let me gooooooo

Quit yer yakkin', ye landlubber weasel. I just wanta be borrowin' yer lousy blog. If'n I get fed up with ye, I may be borrowin' yer liver as well.

I'm Spinner
Sleeve, and yer probably wonderin' what's going on. It seems this here tour is talkin' about my fellow pirate Smith Delaney and the story told in Blaggard's Moon. 'Ol Delaney spins a good yarn, retelling the story of pirate hunter Damrick Fellows n' the beauty Jenta Smithmiller, while Delaney waits fer his death at the claws of mermonkeys.

Before this here blogger tells ya what he thinks of Delaney's tale, the boys n' me want his opinion of t'other pirate yarns by the gent Polivka. So speak up, or my sword will help yer memory.


I've blogged about the first book in the Trophy Chase series, The Legend of the Firefish, before. The second book is The Hand that Bears the Sword. The hero of Nearing Vast, Packer Throme, has married his love Panna but is torn from her yet again as a new threat rises from the kingdom of Drammune. Packer is sent off on the Trophy Chase, the former ship of pirate Scat Wilkins, even as the wily rascal plots to take back his ship and get revenge on Packer. As Packer and the crew, including Smith Delaney, face impossible odds, Panna is brought under the "protection" of Prince Mather. She has to face her own conflicts to ward off the advances of the amorous royalty.

When Nearing Vast is invaded, there is another great challenge for the couple, and the future of the whole kingdom is at stake.

Polivka introduces some delightful surprises in this middle book. Characters thought dead return to drive events. Panna battles with her wits as well as her fists, as Packer wrestles with his vow to not pick up his sword again in battle, even as the whole kingdom calls for it.

Any introduction to a series is a challenge, and there is a lot to assimilate in Firefish. The second book allows the reader to soak and enjoy more, even as the stakes are raised even higher.

Is that all ye got?

Um, all I've got time for today?

You'd best be workin' hard fer tomorrow then, 'cause me n' the boys will be back.

Sooo, I guess there will be more pirates tomorrow. If you be needin' (now I'm talking like them) more buccaneer blarney, visit Nearing Vast or see the other tourmates below.

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  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Ha-ha! Great post! Very fun stuff! I like the review of the trilogy and I like your uninvited guest! Impressive post, Mr. Joyner. Might ye be a writer? ;-)


  2. Good, concise info on the stories that follow Blaggard's Moon -- and useful to someone like me who hasn't read them yet. Thanks!