Thursday, October 04, 2007

Real Christians Don't Get Pissed Off...

Real Christians don't get "pissed off," they have "righteous anger." Or perhaps disconcerted, infuriated, or provoked might be better.

I was checking out the new design for the Relief Journal (cool new digs gang!), when I read a post from the editor. He talks about a little controversy regarding Reconstructing Natalie, by Laura Jensen Walker. Apparantly a site called The Timothy Report is run by a pastor/webmaster/Christian book store employee. He had the book by Ms. Walker brought to him by a distraught customer, because the main character is battling breast cancer and gets "pissed" at some point, or says she's "pissed off." So this gentleman is posting a notice on his site to complain to Thomas Nelson, the publisher, if other people are tired of such lines being crossed in Christian fiction. The charge is that this book is lower standards for the CBA.

This reminds me of the discussion I had concerning the "Christian Marketplace." Now this person is responsible for this book not being available at his bookstore and making it sound like it is some horrible tome, corrupting people as they read it. It is frustrating to see a book about a subject that really is ripe for use in Christian fiction, yet it is torn down for a choice of one word.

*Cough* Excuse me, I think I just choked on a gnat...

I haven't read Reconstructing Natalie, so I don't know if it is any good as fiction, as a work of art. I do know that I wouldn't condemn a book on the choice of one word like in this situation. What I did do is write the editor listed on the Timothy Report and supported her for producing fiction willing to tackle difficult subjects.

/end rant

You can see the letter in question at the Timothy Report here.

You can find the original post at Relief here (look for the second part of the post):

UnChristian Christians
Relief: A Quarterly Christian Expression - Thursday, 04 October 2007


  1. Hmmmm ... righteous anger ... that word really pisses me off :)

  2. Well, I've never figured out what urination has to do with anger, to be honest. Or why the TV networks bleep shit but not crap. And certainly why taking God's name in vain is thought to be nothing but an innocent expression of alarm or amazement. I guess everyone has his own personal line of acceptable speech.

    What I don't get is Relief giving that site the time of day. There's an old behavioral psychology term I learned in school--extinction. This is not accomplished by sending in hit men but in ignoring the undesirable behavior. Wouldn't that also work in a field that thrives on counting numbers of visitors such as blogging?

    And no, Jason, I am not accusing you of being a hit man! LOL


  3. I do agree with you Becky, that the term is not my favorite. It just hit me that it is a pretty silly to make a big deal over it.

    Generally the extinction idea is a better way to go, but where what he has done is damaging her book, it is frustrating. A little publicity for her, rather than the site, is what I was going for.

    I don't feel accused either. I'd make a poor hit man.

  4. That's just horrible. The Bible is full of real-life stories where people aren't always "at their best" to put it gently. Don't you think Peter was a little PO'ed when he sliced that one dude's ear off??? And he turned out okay. ;)

    Oh, the things we Christians do.

    Now, you have me all curious about that book.