Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Halo" Church Growth

There has been an interesting discussion going on in the blogosphere due to this article from the New York Times, Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church. It concerns churches/youth leaders using the video game Halo 3 to reach out to kids.

Now's the time for full disclosure - I play video games. I usually don't like the first-person shooters (FPS) games, but I do like the Halo series, more for the multiplayer aspect with friends than the main story of the game.

Also, our youth leader does use Halo as one of diverse elements (a la the Spanish Inquisition) to reach out to the kids, it is only a small part of what he does. It is only a tool, but his desire is to pull kids into further discussion on real issues that matter, and disciple them.

I have said my piece already on the comments of these following links. This is an invitation to check out the dialogue and add your thoughts.

Mike Duran tackles it in a post today. He also links to an article entitled "How to Witness Using Halo 2."

Dick Staub, author of The Culturally Savvy Christian, has perhaps a surprising take on this issue.

The Point, the blog of Breakpoint Ministries, has a plethora of links to explore concerning this. Some veer off into the ideas of masculinity and the church as well. You can find yours truly among the commenters opening my big mouth as usual.

Original post at The Point.
Point 1.
Point 2. (Wherein I quote Optimus Prime)
Point 3.
Point 4.
Point 5.
Point 6.

I've got my opinions out there, but I thought I'd collect some places that are discussing it for reference in this discussion.

Updated 10/12/07

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