Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pray for Burma (Myanmar)

Events in the news can and should push us as Christians to pray for events unfolding. One event in the news right now concerning a country most people know nothing about (and can't even pronounce!) is the country of Myanmar. It is known by the name Burma, but the ruling junta renamed it Myanmar in 1989, even though the US and UK do not recognize the name change.

The last couple of weeks has seen a lot of peaceful protests by Buddhist monks, who are highly revered in Burma, against the military rulers. It was sparked by a harsh doubling of gas prices in this poor country, but it has taken on familiar democratic cries for freedom and elections. The junta behaved initially, but with the protests increasing in scope, they have initiated curfews and there are reports of deaths.

This country has a very small minority of Christians, mainly in the hill people known as the Karen. There is a lot of persecution for Christians in particular, even though people from all backgrounds suffer greatly in Burma. There was a report earlier this year that told of a government plan to wipe Christianity out of the country altogether.

Let's all pray for peace for the country, and that justice would come to pass for those poor people under oppression there. We need to especially pray for the Christians for protection, and strive to see the country opened up for freedom for all.

Remember to use whatever comes your way through the day as opportunities to pray and inject the Kingdom of God into our world.

Edited on 9/27/07
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  1. jason, it's row. canberra '95(?). awesome to see you are well & SHINING where you are. God is faithful. my husband is aussie and we live in canada. this is us: email! grace and peace -row

  2. Thanks for the update. I did a post about the country a while back. It's good to know that their stuggles are on your heart too.

    Keep up the good work!

    May out Lord Jesus be with those in Burma and give them strength and wisdom in such a time as this.