Thursday, March 01, 2007

The New Sci-Fi Literary Movement: Space Princesses!

The esteemable John C. Wright, is founding a new literary movement for science fiction. One that should be enjoined by any serious sci-fi author: The New Space Princess Movement. The guiding principles of this movement are:
The literary movement will follow two basic principles: first, science fiction stories should have space-princesses in them who are absurdly good looking. Second, the space princesses must be half-clad (if you are a pessimist. The optimist sees the space princess as half-naked). Third, dinosaurs are also way cool, as are ninjas. Dinosaur ninjas are best of all.
Now, how can a book go wrong with space princesses and dinosaur ninjas? To read more on this manifesto, you can find the genesis here. Next the movement gains ground. Finally, the movement receives criticism for not including the logical step of space pirates. (Note: obligatory warning regarding bare midriffs)

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