Friday, March 02, 2007

Blog Tour - A Valley of Betrayal

This week's blog tour features A Valley of Betrayal by Tricia Goyer. And this week at "Spoiled" the write-up for the book is by my lovely wife Beccy!

Sophie ventures to Spain on a quest of love. She longs to be with her fiance Michael, a news photographer. She gets to Spain in the midst of civil war. Her innocence is destroyed by the conflict. Michael is away and Sophie must navigate the fog of war on her own. She survives and finds the truth of life.

Sophie is an intrigue protaganist who has a tenacious spirit, which makes her adventure an inspiring story. The novel draws you in by allowing you to relate to the characters' lives.

A Valley of Betrayal is a good read because you live the lives of the people. You imagine their hurts. You see the devastation of war and the power of survival.

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  1. Wow, thanks for hosting me and giving such a good review!