Thursday, January 11, 2007

Praise You in the Storm

How would you respond if in 1 week:

Your van's back door was hit and no one told you?
Your three kids got sick with the stomach flu?
While washing up from #2, the washing machine broke?
You had to call in sick due to the family being wiped out from the flu?
The next day your car breaks down on the way to work?
The day your washer is fixed, the dishwasher breaks?

I can't say that I've been perfect in this, but my response has mostly been to praise the Lord! Why, you ask?

Because this didn't happen two months ago.

In October I was just interviewing for my new job that starts Monday. I picked up some temp work in December, but didn't get paid for it until last week. Right when I needed it!

It seemed like a lot of bad mojo for us over the last week, but if it happened while I was unemployed it would've put a serious dent in our finances. Now, we can live with it because I have the money from the temp job, and will be on a regular payroll again.

The easy answer is that there are plenty of people that have it a lot worse than me. I got frustrated and wanted to pout and say, "Why all this Lord?" Thankfully though, my reaction was tempered by the timing in all of it. I could be an ungrateful lout, or realize the blessing in it. God takes care of His children very well, and He knows what we can handle.

Not a big storm by far (especially considering last June), but the choice is still mine. How will I respond?

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