Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Po-pourri, not Pot-pourri"

I'm still getting a handle on my schedule and getting blogging time in. The problem is with not having time to come up with anything worth reading! So in my internet perusals, I offer up the following menagerie of posts:

- Brandilyn Collins is a wonderful fiction teacher, and she has shared a lot of good insight on her blog. This week she is discussing the important topic of "Author's Voice". The first post is at this link: Forensics and Faith. Subsequent posts will follow.

- From writing to the importance of reading, see what J. Mark Bertrand has to say about the reader being as important as the author. And here's a link to Mike Duran's article, Unfashionable Reading, that Bertrand refers to.

- Charis Connection is a group blog of many of Christian fiction's top novelists. Last week they had a good series called Ask the Authors starting on 1/22 through 1/26.

- A new blogging buddy over at Think Virtue! has an encouraging post for writers dealing with the need for discipline and how to develop that in their lives.

(The title of this post refers to my mistaken pronunciation of "potpourri" for a long time as a kid. I was always something of a smarty pants, so my mom thought it amusing when I would blow it. Can't let the kid's head get too big, she thought.)

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  1. Brandilyn's blog is one of my favs. So what do you think about Christian authors when it comes to having a distinctive AV?

    And what a surprise to see a link to my post over here...thanks.

    Oh--and Speculative Faith has a series about style and voice going on too, http://specfaith.ritersbloc.com/