Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Switchfoot!

Oh baby...

Oh! Gravity has landed.

The boys from San Diego released their latest album today. I wasn't going to get it right away, but thanks to my buddy TL Hines, Montana writer extrordinare, I had an extra $10 in my pocket (well, at least in my Paypal account).

I've listened to it a few times so far today (as I put together yet another Lego set for my boys. Legos must have been invented to give parents patience...). It is musically pleasing from the get go. The lyrics are thoughtful as always, a little different from their last couple of albums. It seems the theme is challenging the status quo of the cultural mentality. "American Dream" dashes the idea that life is all about money, and a similar vein runs through most of the songs.

So if you enjoy rockin' beats with lyrics to challenge you intellectually and melodies to worm inside your subconscious only to come out while waiting in line somewhere, check out Switchfoot. The cover art is bleah, but the music is well worth it.

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