Tuesday, December 19, 2006

End of the Wookiees

It was an up and down year for my fantasy football team "Wild Wookiees". I started off weak, going 2-4. I then won about 5 straight games, sometimes in very close fashion. I needed one victory to ensure going to the playoffs, but I lost 2 in a row. The last game came, and I had to get real creative on my lineup (whoever plays the Raiders this week is my defense!). I managed to squeak by my division leader 104-101 and make the playoffs as a wild card.

Unfortunately, the Wookiees' valiant effort fell short this week. I lost 121-104 to the league leader. If I had played the other two playoff teams I would have clobbered them, but it was not meant to be.


This from the man who passed on drafting LaDainian Tomlinson this year! Arrrgh.


  1. Apparently, fantasy football is the thing to do. At the expense of sounding really girly, I'll admit I don't get the allure of it. My little brothers and step-dad play and they're always checking their scores or whatever. I just don't get how it works. I guess it's more of a guy thing. My little brothers probably don't get why I'm captivated with some of my sappy chic-flicks either. That's life.

  2. Don't tell that to my sister. She's as competative as any of us in the league! (Except I beat my sister, brother, AND nephew for exclusive Joyner bragging rights for the year.)