Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog Tour - Scoop

In looking back, I've been part of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance since June. I've read a number of great books so far, and I've read extra novels seeing as I still have extra time on my hands.

This week, the blog tour is highlighting the book I consider the best one I've read so far this year.

Scoop is written by Rene Gutteridge. She's written numerous other books, including suspense and the "Boo" series. I was given a choice of a few books to read, and Scoop seemed quite intriguing just from its back cover blurb and the very favorable review from Publisher's Weekly listed on her Amazon link.

I was NOT disappointed.

Scoop is the first of a new series: The Occupational Hazards. This family of seven kids was homeschooled by their parents while participating in the family clown company. Until the tragic hot-tubbing accident that claimed the parents. Now the Hazards are out of the clown business, trying to find their own way in the world with God's help.

Channel 7 News is also trying to find its way. From a pill-popping executive producer to the conscience-stricken reporter to the sagging (literally) long-time female anchor, Channel 7 languishes at the bottom of the news ratings. Sweeps week is approaching, and producer Hugo Talley is trying to keep the whole thing from falling apart.

He finds this isn't easy to do with a sneak attack on a reporter, a Botox accident, and a disappearing colleague. He's not even sure how to deal with his temp administrative assistant, a pleasant and lovely young lady who has a habit of being totally honest and of praying at really crazy times. Can Hayden Hazard help bring a little peace to the chaos that is Channel 7?

I'm going to save my review for tomorrow. Be sure to check back for my detailed look on why Scoop is my Favorite Book of 2006!

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