Friday, November 24, 2006

Blog Tour - Calm, Cool, and Adjusted

For this week's blog tour, enter "Christian chick lit" in Google and one of the first names you'll come up with is Kristin Billerbeck. She's been highlighted on NBC's Today show discussing the fad of "Bridget Jones going to church".

Not that I'm afraid to tackle chick lit, but I was in the midst of a lot of reading already. I've pulled in a guest reviewer this week: my lovely wife! So, in her words:

"Calm, Cool, and Adjusted is the third book in the Spa Girls series. I didn't have the benefit of reading the first two, but I didn't notice anything I missed out on by not reading them. It is focused on Poppy Clayton, a Christian chiropracter and health nut. Her office is next to a plastic surgeon, which cuts against everything she stands for. Her social life is going to change because the last of the Spa Girls is getting married. Is she going to be single and nutty, or will she accept that the perfect mate may not have the best alignment?

It was a quick read, light and fun. I laughed out loud at several points (Verified by her husband - J). The book was refreshing from the typical CBA romance novels I usually read. It had a good storyline. I enjoyed it a lot, but some of the characterization of the main character seemed a little overdone to further the plot. "

I read the first chapter, and found the writing engaging as well. I don't think I'd have a problem sitting down and digging in to this when I had the chance. If chick lit is your thing, check out CCA.

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