Sunday, August 27, 2006

Power of Praise

I am certainly hoping to be done talking about my work situation soon, as it is tiring even to me. However, insofar as God keeps teaching me things through it, things that may encourage others, I feel compelled to continue sharing.

My last day was supposed to be September 7th. A couple of weeks ago I found out that the person who I replaced didn't like their job, so then decided to take MY place. Interesting, no? But I also found out that this person would be starting back full-time on 8/28. Hmmm. I was also responsible on 8/25 to help train them on the new computer system installed since they left. Oooooo-kay. The Lord had spoken to me about "finishing strong", so I endeavored to do so, even though it was an uncomfortable situation to say the least.

Friday I did what I could to train the person, although the way things were scheduled that wasn't easy to do. Also, I thought I had 2 more weeks where I could help train her, so I didn't feel the need to cram everything in.

At around 3:30 my boss called me aside and explained that they were going to be paying me and the new (old) person to do the same thing. He suggested that I cover Saturday morning and Monday night, 7 more hours in total, and then I could be done. They had to pay me until 9/7 anyway, but they were willing to pay me to stay away.

I had expected this, but since it was only 2 days away I still was a little shocked. I would've thought they'd have done it sooner. Oh well. I accepted, figuring 2 weeks paid vacation would pay writing and blogging dividends. Then on the way out, I noticed that my name had already been pulled from the hallway sign, replaced with the new (old) person.

I had a 25 minute commute home. When I left work in June after finding my contract wouldn't be renewed, I was a mess. This time, I slapped in Third Day, Offerings II CD and praised Jesus with all I had. When I got home I was in a great mood, and hardly had any lingering feelings about the day.

All of this story just goes to show: there is power in praise. When we can get our eyes off of our own situations and focus on the goodness of the Lord, then our troubles fall away in the light of His glory. If you are having a hard time, see if you can't lift your voice to heaven, and proclaim the faithfulness of Jesus. If you can, you should find comfort in the storm, reassurance that He holds you in His hands, and He will see you through. If you have a hard time finding that focus, read the Psalms. So many of them were written when David or other authors were in hot water, and even though they are crying out for deliverance, they see that His provision and grace will see them through.

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  1. Jason, this is truly great--I love the emphasis on praise and the evidence of the change in your heart at hearing such news. I love your commitment to finish strong.

    May God richly reward you and especially give you two weeks of intense writing pleasure.