Monday, August 14, 2006

Job Update

It was back in June that I talked about having my contract terminated, having 3 months to finish out my current position.

Three months is up on September 7th.

I suppose that should cause some sort of panic response, with me rushing around trying to find a job, maybe jumping into the first thing that comes along. Well, so far that isn't happening. The reason it isn't happening is because the Lord speaks to His people today, just as He has before. And He is speaking unbelievable calm and peace into my life.

Oh, I get uptight at times, starting to wind myself up into a tizzy. But He continues to speak to me: Don't strive. I am Your provider. I am your refuge.

Last week I even pulled a Gideon: Lord, I really need a lead or a word from You to help me keep going. He was gracious to give me a word, but only after He spoke about not striving, and I relaxed in Him again. When the encouragement came from a speaker at our church, I wasn't "grasping" for it. I did go talk to the speaker so he'd have the opportunity to speak if so lead, but I didn't go up begging for a word either.

This might come across as patting myself on the back, but it shouldn't. I would be a wreck if it weren't for the mighty grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To quote a song: He is my Rock, He is my Glory, He is the Lifter of my head. If anyone out there is discouraged, then run to Him. He is faithful in our time of need. (He happens to be faithful outside our time of need too, something we sometimes ignore, but that's another post ;) ).

So I don't have a job yet. But I have peace, and right now I won't trade that for anything.

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