Monday, July 31, 2006


I was very privileged last night to hear a missionary couple from Nepal speak last night. The woman is actually Bhutanese, but was kicked out of her country for refusing to deny Jesus, and lived in refugee camps in Nepal for years before meeting her Nepali husband. What faith. I don't know that I have that faith.

I really loved what her husband shared with us when talking about how to reach his people with the gospel and how they respond:
"You tell me that Jesus loves me. Show me Christ's love."

A hungry man won't necessarily be able to hear the gospel, unless we fill his belly first. But I think this goes for Americans, Germans, and Nepali alike. Wherever you are, people want to know that the words are real, that there is true love behind the "Jesus loves you."

If we have the leading to share Him without the opportunity to meet a person's needs, we should definitely listen to the Spirit. But if we can serve the people we want to preach the gospel to, how much more power is in that?

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