Friday, October 19, 2007

Coming Attractions

Nahum 3:3
Charging calvary, flashing swords and glittering spears!
Many casualties, piles of dead, bodies without number,
People stumbling over the corpses.

I finished a book this week that had a lot of violence in it. A great amount of violence, and the context for it was often quite disturbing. It has started me thinking about the level of violence in Christian fiction. I'm working on some ideas, and plan on writing about them next week. How do we approach this from a Biblical viewpoint? Especially in the light of the above verse. I encourage the thinkers that read this blog to be ready for a discussion about it. Civil of course. We don't want fisticuffs around these parts (that would be ironic,, you get the idea).

Also next week will be the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog tour. That is always a good time of dialogue, so don't miss it!


  1. Thinkers? Does that mean I'm excluded? :P

  2. You wanna make somethin' of it? Well, do ya?!