Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CSFF Tour - Bark of the Bog Owl

This month's CSFF tour features the YA (young adult) novel Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers, first of the Wilderking trilogy. It is geared toward kids from 8-14 from the sounds of things, though I think my boys who are younger ought to like it. I am intrigued by all I've read about it.

I must confess that I didn't do anything for this tour as I had major personal commitments this month. I really enjoy participating in this tour, and haven't been really involved the last two tours. That will change next month.

However, I can participate by highlighting certain blogs that offer something special. At the bottom of this post are all the participants. Sometimes they, like me, don't have time to post much. At least posting helps promote the book. I've gone through all of them and pulled out specific posts to highlight for this week (as of Tuesday afternoon). Also, Mr. Rogers has a great website for his books that offers a little more in-depth into the world he's created out. So check these following folks out:

Leave it to Steve Trower to give a list of top ten "king" songs.

See Deena Peterson's blog for a chance to win a copy!

James Somers has a mini-review and interview with the author. Plus a review of book 2 in the series. And Janey DeMeo has an interview as well.

The best blog post title of any CSFF tour (and a succinct overview) by Eve Nielsen.

A good overview is done at Karen McSpadden's blog.

Mike Lynch gives a man's perspective.

Interesting thoughts and some critique at Andrea's blog. Just ask!

Chris Deanne thinks the book would be good for both Christians and those who aren't so Christian-y.

Finally, see what is on Brandon Barr's mind regarding the book and the possibilities for fantasy and using the Bible as inspiration.

Also see an introduction video of the series by the author.

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  1. Thanks, Jason, for gathering all this info. Wonderful resource for those wanting to know where to look.


  2. Thanks for the nod. Actually I do have something quite intelligent and also relevant to say about it. I've just run out of time, so it will either be waffled or late.

    Or possibly both.

  3. Well done Jason. Good job.


  4. Thanks for the linkage and the smile your comment brought to my face.

  5. thanks for mentioning me! God Bless