Monday, October 15, 2007


I got past one big hurdle today. I took my recertification test for my physician assistant license today. I suppose it is good that we have to test every six years to prove our competency. I just wish the test was written in a way that could be answered. The questions are so concise that it often seems to lack necessary information to make an educated answer. In the real world, I'd ask more questions, get more labs, or do more investigation. Oh well. That's the price to pay.

Five hours sitting at a computer, and it is done. Phew. I just don't know if I passed for a couple weeks.


  1. What a hurdle indeed. Agree with you about the inconcie questions.. must have been frustrating.

  2. This is not in reference to your latest post (congrats on the hurdle, though). I finally scrolled all the way down to the end of the massive conversation about worship music on Brett's blog and was startled to see something addressed to me. I just checked out Noel Richards' site. The possibilities are exciting. Thanks for taking the time to direct me there!

  3. Been prayin' for ya, Jason.