Monday, October 01, 2007

The Brain Doesn't Play Fair

I've been taking a little break from writing over the last several weeks. There were two big events that were drawing my attention: the worship weekend with Noel and Tricia Richards, and I have a major certifying exam for my work that I take in 2 weeks.

I still think about my projects and issues in general, but I've definitely been distracted from my usual level of pondering. However, some aspects of creating are not as easy to turn off.

I'm trying to use this time as a step back from what I've been working on and seeing what weaknesses I can work on and what strengths to play up. This is happening to a degree, but my brain is not necessarily cooperating. It's not something I want to turn off anyway.

I've been coming up with MORE ideas.

Jeez, brain. Aren't I having enough trouble tackling the mess you've already conjured up for me? No, you like being in a frazzle, so why not choose this particular time to inspire me with projects that could be as worthy of attention as what I've been spending the last 2+ years on. Man o' live!

My wife said something earlier this year that has stuck with me since regarding our kids: write the stories they would want to read. I know my current WIP doesn't qualify, so I've considered some other ideas, one of which seems to be gelling a little. Then Sunday I had inspiration for a possible non-fiction project. Great.

Actually, I'm not complaining. It is good to have ideas to play around with inside my noggin. There's just too many temptations - which to choose?


  1. Well, you can still write something your kids would want to read when they get older.

    If you do nothing else, write down your ideas somewhere. It'll help to have a catalog of ideas to refer to. Then you can work on something whenever the mood strikes.

    I don't know why you have such a hard time turning your brain off, though. It's never been a problem for me. Some would argue that it's never been turned on.

  2. I do keep ideas in a couple of spots - my Palm is a great item for that - I can jot ideas down at work. It's just funny to be pondering a couple of different story lines. One's a comedy, another kinda sci-fi. I can't keep 'em straight!

    And as for the last thing you wrote: you said it, not me...