Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Writing Encouragements

In some ways I don't like coming off of cool blog tours like last week's CSFF tour featuring Karen Hancock. It means I have to come up with new ideas to keep the ol' blog going! This week seems to be a smorgesboard so far.

This morning I've found a couple of links that give some encouragement to those working on their writing. I've been getting back into comics recently, and have been checking out Newsarama for updates. They have a guy named Dirk Manning who's been writing a series called Write or Wrong. Today's post "Lose Yourself" spoke some encouragement to me - maybe stuff I've heard before, but it's the type of thing we keep needing to hear regularly. I haven't checked out his other posts, but there's a list of them at the bottom. Let me know if you find other worthwhile links there.

Also Mike Duran gives an insightful account of his recent writing conference experiences. He has some pitfalls to watch for, as well as highlights of "Trends in CBA Publishing", as given by Dave Long. Interesting stuff - thanks Mike!!

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