Thursday, April 19, 2007

Martyrdom in Turkey

Not to diminish what happened on Monday, but there are other tragedies in the world. On Wednesday, 3 Christians at a publishing house were killed for their faith. Suspects have been arrested for this crime.

This serves as a reminder for us to pray for the nation of Turkey. There are 71 million people in the country, and only less than 1% are Christian. This is especially sad considering Turkey was where much of Paul's apostolic work occurred, and the seven churches of Asia in Revelation were located. There is a strong history of the Way that has been all but eradicated by Islam.

God's heart is for the Turks. He is raising up people with a heart for this nation. The killings represent the enemy's attempt to derail the work of the Kingdom in that land. Please pray for God's light and Word to shine in Turkey, and for protection for those serving Christ there. I have a dear friend who serves over there, and would ask specifically for protection for her in her ministry.

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