Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CSFF Tour - Karen Hancock

The next two days I'm going to feature posts regarding Karen Hancock and her series Legends of the Guardian-King. Today I want to point out various members of the CSFF that have interesting posts regarding this month's tour. Tomorrow I hope to review Karen Hancock's first book, The Light of Eidon. Yes, the tour is regarding the 4th and last book in the series, Return of the Guardian King. But who wants to start a series on the fourth book? I certainly didn't, so I decided to start at the beginning (novel concept there...). Hopefully between my review and others regarding book 4, you'll figure out what happened in books 2 and 3 - um, never mind. I say I hope to review it because my timing was a little off, thinking I had a couple more days to read, when the tour started yesterday. Oopsie, as my six year old says.

1. Rebecca Grabill has a wonderful non-review of Return, and her 9 thorns that bug her about the book. What's a non-review? She doesn't spoil the book, which thrills me to death. I dislike greatly reviews that give away the plot (note to Bethany House - you did this on the 1st book's back copy - bad form). Some of her thorns are hilarious (BREASTS). Read it to figure that one out!

2. See Wayne Thomas Batson for his review of Return. He hasn't read the first three, so some interesting insight (he acknowledges his lack of context, which provides a different perspective).

3. Karen Hancock herself is having a giveaway of the whole set of books! Go see her, how can you miss out on something so cool? Beth Goddard is also having a single book giveaway, so see her too. Ditto Mirtika. And hey, so does Tina Kulesa.

4. Chris Deanne has an interview with Karen Hancock, as does Shannon McNear.

5. Becky Miller, the grandmaster of the CSFF has 4 days worth of posts! Start at Speculative Faith, then head over to her blog for the rest.

6. John Otte has an interesting view of the book. Marcus Goodyear calls it "a fine example of high fantasy." Finally, Heather Hunt is giving reviews for each of the four books of the series! (Watch for spoilers).

I don't want to take away from all of my tourmates below, but those are some of the more extensive posts that I noted. Also, the links below are for her books on Amazon and her personal sites.

Check out the tour, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the roundup, Jason and for the links and nod. Grand master, eh? Hahah! You realize, of course, I'd be the grand master of nothing without all the members and participants.

    I truly appreciate your time and work to let others know about CSFF books.