Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monsters Aren't Imaginary - A CSFF Tour Special Report

Yesterday I asked if you were ready.

If you're back today, I'm assuming you are.

The CSFF Tour is featuring a book with a very intriguing title. Night Of The Living Dead Christian.

You'd think it would be the most interesting book we've ever featured. However, it has to settle for a tie.
The tie is with a book called My Imaginary Jesus (known then as Imaginary Jesus), which features time travel, sledding mishaps, and talking donkeys chasing after the real Jesus among a multitude of fake ones.

Oh, and they're both by the same warped mind: Matt Mikalatos*.

These books are unique. They are fiction, but the main character is Matt himself, inserted into a wacky world where anything can happen. They preach more than any other novel you'll read this year, but they are so fun you won't really notice. Matt manages to poke fun and satirize the Church, our religious goofiness, and himself whle making the reader laugh. Then the reader will be asking what kind of monster they could be.

In Night Of The Living Dead Christian, intrepid Matt is the lone Neighborhood Watchman for his street. After happening upon a mad scientist, his android sidekick, and a horde of zombies, he finally ends up doing something interesting.

He meets a Lutheran werewolf. His name: Luther Anne Martin.

Luther seems like a perfectly decent fellow. Other than he's a Lutheran but not a Christian. He has a wife and daughter. But they've moved out because Luther has an itch he can't quite scratch. At least, not in his human form.

Lycanthropes have much sharper claws with which to itch.

Matt, being the helpful fellow he is, and being stuck in his own story, tries to help Luther make a transformation for good rather than evil. Along the way they dodge well-dressed zombies, a reluctant vampire, and Matt's pregnant wife in their quest.

Confused? Yeah, you're just going to have to read it.

I'll have more on the meat of the story tomorrow, but how about a fun little quiz? What type of monster would you be out of the list below? Leave a comment explaining your choice. I promise I'll...try to think up something clever for the type that gets the most votes. [And Matt has even provided a guide to help your choice. Sweet!]

  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Gargantuan
  • Mummy
  • Invisible Person
  • Mad Scientist
  • Troll
  • Robot (Androids and Cyborgs count too)
  • Sasquatches
  • Troll
  • Zombie

For even more interactive fun, Becky Miller lists all the current posts for the CSFF Tour at her website. So hurry on over and see what others are saying.

*Nobody noticed my dangling asterix. When I crossed through warped in describing Matt, I realized it takes one to know one...


  1. So you're asking us to come clean right here in public, are you. From Matt's helpful little description, I'd put myself as a Sasquatches, It's my tendency, mind you, so I'm not actually searching for an Internet church or moving to Wyoming. I think it's by God's grace alone though!

    How about you, Jason? I mean, really, you should take the quiz yourself. ;-)

    Thanks again for the link.


  2. Well Becky, maybe I can use this challenge. If I get five people to comment, then I will post mine and expose the truth to all! ;)

  3. Ok, Jason here is your second comment. Just 3 more to go. I have a werewolf pelt on my wall. (At least that's where it should stay.) But sometimes when the moon is full or I am just in one of those moods, I wrap it around my shoulders. It doesn't happen as much as it did early in my marriage *yikes*.

  4. I am definitely a robot, but I've known that since well before I read this book. I'm not actually ashamed of it though. :#/

    I see robot as more of a personality quirk (maybe like Sasquatch, for that matter). Then again, WALL-E is a robot and he was the most human character in that movie... :)

  5. Haha so you want to know what monster I resemble the most... Okay, I’m probably considered to be a Sasquatche in that group. I’ve always have been a little of a loner, but I do love people. I’ve been doing an internet church for the last year now... ouch and I do live in a forest. Hmm that doesn’t sound too good, does it? ;-) haha maybe I need to fix something there...

    Oh yes, you must share your results.

    Great post btw.

  6. Uh oh, this makes five unless you don't count yourself. I said mad scientist in the book. Right now I'm wondering about mummies. I mean, I've done some great stuff in the past and I like to rely on it rather than doing great stuff in the present. Hmmmmm.

  7. I'm a zombie, caused by my small children depriving me of sleep. My wife and I are definitely their shambling slaves. It's hard to think and I definitely want more braaaiinns! I'm not into large groups for affirmation, though. Just me and the missus.

  8. Thanks for sharing everybody! Now let's give everyone a nice hug.


    As promised, I have a secret to share as well. You can find it in my Day 3 post. >:)