Thursday, October 06, 2011

New "Post"-ings

As if I didn't have enough to do in life, I am now a guest columnist for the Post Register in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

They put out a call for local columnists a few weeks ago, so I threw my hat into the ring. Time went by and I almost forgot about it, but I finally got an email saying I had been chosen among seven others from a group of thirty-five. I was impressed that we had so many people wanting to try this out, and was pleasantly surprised to make the cut.

I found that writing a column for the newspaper is different from writing fiction and even blogging. The fiction bit is obvious, but blogging is still about my opinion on things. Since the audience is different, I do need to change things to catch their attention. My only guidelines were to try and focus on local items and "not get [the newspaper] sued." That should be doable.

It is exciting and a little scary. Most of you in the blogosphere are far away. The people who read this paper are in my neighborhood. What will be the fallout from what I have to say?

My first column will be in print tomorrow [Actually moved to Sat, 10/8]. Unfortunately, it requires a subscription to view online, but for those who are suckers for punishment motivated, contact me for a work around.


  1. Very cool, Jason. I like it! Plus, I love Idaho.

  2. Congratulations, Jason. That's terrific. I know you'll do an excellent job. You're an excellent writer and a wonderful observer of mankind, so I have no doubt you'll have interesting things to say.

    For years our local paper had a column written by our editor. It was like having our own local Andy Rooney. His pieces were often humorous, always interesting, and generally made me wish I was more involved in our community.

    You'll find what works for you. I've got complete confidence in you, and I think God opened up this opportunity. Very excited for you!