Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lessons Learned, Day 3

Well, 2010 is 8 days away from being in the history books. Quite an amazing year, went by amazingly fast!

I've been considering things I've learned in the last year. Lesson 1 and lesson 2 are already up. What is the 3rd lesson for the year?

Lesson #3: Love a lot.

A friend of mine recommended I check out "The Peasant Princess" podcast series by Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I'm not turning into a Reformed acolyte any time soon, but there were many good things in that series. I noticed he liked to talk about being a servant and being generous, and that sums up a heart of love. I have tried to show love to my wife more in the last few months, and I think it has made an impact in both our lives.

Once we get past our selfish nature, loving isn't a hard thing to do. We can do a lot of little things to show love around. I was in a Christmas gift exchange game this week, where we traded around DVD's. When it came to my turn, the movie I wanted was "locked" by being traded too many times, and there wasn't really anything else interesting. One woman was stuck with a set of creepy movies, and was bummed about it, because no one would steal hers.

So I did.

She got to pick out another movie, and was happy to get a chick flick. I don't want the creepy flicks, but it seemed simple to let her have another chance to find a good movie. She was really touched by it. Not a big deal to me, but it meant something to her.

It's a good lesson for this time of year: show some more love, people! Find a way to serve someone, to be generous. You'll get a reward just as good back, I bet.

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