Monday, March 22, 2010

CSFF Tour - Faery Rebels

After an unusual month hiatus (in which the secret Narnian overlords of Zeta Prime gave a conference to our members), the Christian Sci-fi/Fantasy (CSFF) tour returns with our latest feature book: Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter. The book is sold as Knife in the UK.

The book talks about a young faery Bryony who is altogether too curious about the dangerous world away from the faery folk. Especially those most risky creatures - humans!

When the faery colony is under risk of extinction due to the sickness called The Silence, Bryony ends up building a relationship with one of the very creatures blamed for the cursed illness, a boy named Paul.

Somehow I didn't end up getting a review copy, and I didn't realize it in time to pick up a copy and review it myself. I may have to get it still. So far some of the manly men of the CSFF (John, Fred, Stacey Dale's husband) are coming out saying they really enjoyed it. So a real man can enjoy a faery book now and again. The book also has mostly positive reviews at Amazon, with many 5 stars, some 4 stars, and only a few 3 stars with nothing lower. That's usually a sign of a good story!

Unfortunately I don't have much more insight at this point. I'll see if I can find something useful to contribute further to the tour. Or even non-useful but fun and distracting. Either way, you can find out more at the author's website, blog, or by twittering with her on Twitter.

And of course there are my intrepid tourmates below, some of them with actual constructive things to say! Be sure to say Jason sent you, that way I get a little credit! Becky Miller always keeps track of those who post through the tour, so she is always a good place to stop.

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  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Oh, yes, you must get this book. Read it yourself and pass it on to a girl you know. It is such a wonderful story.

  2. "Coming out," eh? Gee, thanks, Jason. Coincidentally, I'll have something to say about my manly-man credentials tomorrow. :)

    Overlords? Did you say Overlords? You meant "protectors," right? (

  3. Fred,

    Just trying to give you the mad props you deserve! Looking forward to the credentials coming out!

    And yes, what was I thinking? "Protectors" for sure! Now I have a new favorite artist thanks to that link. Excellent.

  4. Real men wear pink and read a faery story every now and again. LOL. I hadn't thought about the fact that the little creature with wings might keep a man from picking it up.

    Always love what you have to say, Jason.

  5. Me, too, KM. I forget that we women readers don't mind reading about a crass, gut-scratching macho man from time to time, but the manly men are a bit more shy about reading of dainty, delicate, quite feminine characters.

    This story transcends the gender issues, in my opinion, as it does the age it targeted.

    Love it, and I think you might, too, Jason.

  6. Re Becky's comment--Truth be told, I'm more worried about people jumping to the conclusion I'm some kind of dirty old man.

    Of course, C.S. Lewis said once that he returned to fairy tales after putting away childish things, such as the desire to be perceived as very grown-up.

  7. Nothing wrong with the gut-scratching either...

  8. Thanks for taking the time to post (twice!) about my book even though you didn't get the chance to read it (and even though the cover is so "girly"). I'm glad you thought the tour reactions were so positive -- I thought so, too!