Monday, December 28, 2009

CSFF Tour - Digital Dragon Magazine

Do you have a hankering for hearty tales? Do you fear a lack of family values in your fantasy fiction? Well, look no further.

The CSFF (Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy) tour is having as our last feature for 2009 The Digital Dragon Magazine. The tour is a little discombobulated this month, as our fearless leader, Becky Miller, has a busted computer, so we don't have our typical list of participants. However, that doesn't take away from a quality feature.

Digital Dragon Magazine has a specific mission:
To seek out quality, family-friendly speculative and fantasy fiction, to find new talent in these genres and present that talent to a new, growing audience.

It started in June of 2009, with monthly issues featuring short stories, reviews, author interviews, and discussions about speculative fiction. The Vault page shows the quality art submissions they have had for their covers. Pretty impressive visuals for a brand new project.

I'd like to specifically highlight some stories from my comrades in the CSFF Tour.

Angel Wings by Fred Warren was developed from a flash fiction story he wrote. It is a poignant look at the future and some things, like teenagers, that won't change much in the future.

The Seeker by Brandon Barr is an imaginative tale of an intergalactic creature that is picked up in camouflage form by a young school girl. Her empathy brings provides the way to healing for our mysterious seeker.

Second Site by Grace Bridges uses a little word play and an unexpected twist when a problem student visits his professor.

I haven't read all that Digital Dragon has to offer, but many of the features that are easy reads that provoke some thought into life. The stories have little weaknesses, but overall they are entertaining enough, and perhaps important in the Digital Age, short enough to capture our short attention spans. The site specializes in stories less than 1500 words, so it is more of a fiction morsel to snack on rather than a full meal deal.

Usually I end with a list of participants. Like I said, I don't have an official list, but I'm posting the "usual subjects" where you have a fair chance of finding more on Digital Dragon Magazine. Since it is during the holidays there might not be as much as usual, but I know that Fred Warren has a couple of posts on it.


  1. Good comments on your post. I did one too, but my link was mysteriously left off the list.


  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the comments. I just pulled the links from the last tour. Usually Becky gets a list of the participants for the month out, but with her computer in the heavenly hard drive, we had to muddle along.