Monday, November 16, 2009

CSFF Tour - Curse of the Spider King

"That is SO imaginative!"

That's the quote from my 7 year old when Curse of the Spider King arrived at my house. This book is the first in the Berinfell Prophecies series, a collaborative project from Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.

The book is a nice quality hardback, with a glossy cover and an engrossing image of soldiers riding on spiders. What could be creepier than spiders big enough to mount?

The Spider King is hunting for 7 children on Earth who are really refugees from the world of Allyra. As these children turn thirteen, a battle erupts over them between the remnants of Allyra and the soldiers of the Spider King. Will they return to Allyra and face their destiny, or will their loved ones pay the price in this world?

These two authors are no stranger to the world of speculative fiction, both having written their own successful series. Seeing them come together promises to be an imaginative storm unleashed on the literary landscape.

Come back tomorrow and Wednesday for more on this exciting youth series, and be sure to check out my fellow tourmates for more on Curse of the Spider King, as well as the official site for the book.

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  1. Whoa, Jason, niiiiice intro. CH and I will be around, lurking, so let us know if you have any questions or points of discussion.

  2. Thanks Wayne - really enjoying the book so far. I thought I had another week to read it, but I should have it finished in time for a review on Wednesday.

    My question - how did your little promotion go on Amazon? I bought my copy that day, and I'm curious if y'all noticed a spike or not.

  3. I like the suspenseful post. Very cool. With these two at the reigns, how could we go wrong?

    I really like the cover art as well. It's hauntingly beautiful.

  4. "That is SO imaginative!"

    That's it. I want that on my back cover! Any 7-year old willing to say that makes my day!


  5. Chris,
    Oh, he was serious. He carried it around for 20 minutes, shaking his head and spouting on how amazed he was at the imagination of the authors. We're reading "North! Or Be Eaten" by Andrew Peterson right now, but they want to do CotSK next!