Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We're getting situated in the new house. It has been almost 2 weeks since we moved in. It is always going to be an adventure. The interesting thing about this house is that it was built 50 years ago by the family we bought it from. They have lived there for the whole time. There are all these little quirks that have been worked into the house over this time.

"Let's see-to have the power on in this room the lights have to be on."

"Operating the pump for irrigation-switch on, valve open, no water. Oh right, prime the pump with some water!" (I proceeded to open the chamber on the pump, put water in, and got drenched by the water that gushed out of the chamber I neglected to re-cover).

We certainly prayed about choosing a house, as we have been looking for 3 years before finally finding a place we liked. It is a wonderful house, but not one I would have necessarily chosen in the past. This year, however, it felt...right. Still, it required more know-how and work, and I am not a handyman by any means. To quote from Star Trek, "I'm a PA, not a plumber."

As we were waiting to move in, I believe the Lord spoke to me about the new house. This house was about taking ownership. Basically: It's time to grow up some more, son.

Our first house was very appealing because it had recently had major work done, with new floors, windows, siding, roof, etc. I didn't have to do anything! We did do a little remodeling, but nothing too arduous. It was a good house, but we always knew it was a stop-over house.

The new house has been taken care of very well, but it is still 50 years old with some dated appliances, cupboards, and carpet. There's more garden and things to take care of. I don't want to live for a house, but I see how I need to step up and be a little more responsible, as a husband and father. We got comfortable and a little complacent in the old place. Time to step up.

(Don't worry, some things won't change, like my love of goofiness. This blog is pledged to stay away from being old and stodgy.)

Between getting the old house ready to sell and the new house established, I've learned more about home maintenance than the previous 5 years. I guess the training wheels are off. Hopefully this will spill over into other areas of life, like writing!

Here's to ownership, and being a good steward. Thank you Lord, for how you bring me along as Your son.


  1. If nothing else, keep the goofiness!

  2. Congrats, Jason, on the move. A wise time to buy if the finances are in order!