Friday, November 14, 2008

Facebook Follies

I had a few friends working on getting me onto Facebook this year. I finally took the plunge last month. I have a MySpace page, but it is so juvenile and unwieldy that I never go there. I didn't have high hopes for Facebook. It was a little scary when it ransacked my email when I signed up. Creepy!

However, it has been moderately addicting. I liked seeing who would turn up on finding friends. It has put me in touch with people I went to Thailand with in 1991, as well as high school classmates and other people around the globe. It is fun to see what people are up to, and having an immediate way to comment on their posts.

The down side is that it is basically a HUGE TIME SUCK! Holy cow. It is not the best thing for someone with IADD (internet attention deficit disorder). I can see how the connectivity is a great benefit, and I'm hoping to use it for some research purposes, but I really need to get this beast under control.

As soon as I go check my Facebook wall to see if I have any new friends!

1 comment:

  1. I like FB.. but I am not addicted.. and I'm not addicted to blogging.. and.. I just live in and ongoing state of denial :)