Monday, March 17, 2008

God's Sovereignty and Christian Fiction - Day 4

I'm not going to be too prolific tonight. I found out today I cracked a wrist bone at the base of my right thumb, and it makes typing a little...challenging.

So how does an author reconcile God's sovereignty and a good heroic character in fiction? I must say that I see a lot of Christian fiction books that deal with this issue in a variety of ways. There may be a non-Christian hero who acts without turning to God until a conversion toward the end of the book (though if a unsaved person is just not acknowledging the leading God is giving them, what is the difference?). The action may happen so fast and furious that the characters can only react, and don't have time to really "give it to God". I am reading a book currently where some of the characters are in mortal danger and mainly dealing with the trouble with occasional "help us God" prayers, but there are other saints interceding for them.

The books The Shadow and Light and The Legend of the Firefish are pretty distinctive in how they clearly address the issue. Oh, and in thinking about this subject, the series Legend of the Guardian King also shows the characters wrestle with sovereignty throughout the action.

Okay, this typing thing is getting tricky for today. I'll pick it up tomorrow most likely.

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  1. Now how did you crack your wrist bone?