Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's Your Super Power?

I've decided that I have a super power. It is uncanny how this ability manifests time and time again in times of stress. I've always imagined being able to fly, having super strength, or having laser beams come from my eyes to zap the twit that just cut me off in traffic. I never thought something like this would happen to plain, ordinary me.

Now I wonder how I can harness my gift for the greater good. What can I do to serve people with this amazing power?

What is this awesome and terrible display of super-human ability, you ask?

I have the ability to make traffic lights turn red.

DO NOT LAUGH. It proves itself over and again. I will be hurrying to work, running to the store, or on a leisurely drive through town. It never fails. The crimson orb hanging in the intersection glows in my presence. Why I would be chosen for such a talent does vex me. Also, how can I use it effectively to fight crime and evil-doers? Perhaps I drive around with a police scanner, and start following any nefarious people and trap them at the light? I must ponder this...

Anyone else out there have some ability, something unique that you can't explain, but you know it is meant to be wielded by you alone? What is this gift, and how do you use it?


  1. Actually, since I work at the highway department, I have a hand in that, Jason. We like to mess with Cowboy fans here. Bwahahaha...

    My superpower is a superhuman ability to repel women. All my life, I've only found one who was immune to it. Which is probably a good thing now.

  2. hehe. I'll let you know when my superpower surfaces. ;)

    *Save the cheerleader, save the world*

  3. My super power is to make people groan when I tell a joke :(

  4. Well, Jason, to use this superpower of yours for the benefit of humanity, you should take the time at each red light to pray ;)

    My superpower is pretending to be without superpower, so nobody can be envious... but btw, I know the guy with all the superpowers, and he lives inside me :)