Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CSFF Tour: Wrap-Up of Fearless

I've been enjoying the blog tour for Fearless from Robin Parrish. If you looked at my review of Fearless, you can tell I liked the book. However, the discussion and interaction of the various blogs in the tour is one of the best parts of being part of the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy group. It's like a cross-pollenation of ideas.

I had hoped to post an interview with Robin, but I got my questions to him during his coverage of the E3 Video Game conference, so he was unable to respond. S'alright. I have instead taken some time to visit most of the blogs in this tour. Here are a few highlights (but if you're not included, don't feel bad, I just have to choose a few).

Beth Goddard has a great and insightful interview with Robin. She asked some of the questions I did, so it probably would've been double duty.

Daniel I. Weaver discusses what he liked about Fearless, and why it made him cry.

Rebecca LuElla Miller always has a thoughtful discussion during the tour. She has a thorough review that brings out different aspects from my own, and there is healthy dialogue in the comments, so be sure to check them out.

Speculative Faith has a post by Becky (Ms. Miller from above) that has an interesting discussion on the marketing of Fearless, and the comments have feedback from somebody from Bethany House Publishing, Robin's publisher. Good information on some of the "behind the scenes" of making a book work.

Karen McSpadden also takes the theme of superheroes (as I did on Monday), but stretches it to a meaningful 3 day conversation. Check this one out!

Terri Main has an interesting take on the book and a discussion of ambiguity. (Is that an ambiguous enough blurb?)

Lyn Perry also has a few questions for Mr. Parrish as well.

Addition: Hanna Sandvig discusses the lack of obvious religious content in the book, and her opinion on what makes art "Christian." Ah, the age old debate...

If I come across any more interesting posts, I'll update. Please take time to check out the others in the tour (links in the last post). And if this books strikes your fancy at all, hasten to your favorite bookseller to pick up Fearless (don't forget the first book, Relentless).


  1. okay, now that's just funny! Why it made me cry... lol.


  2. FYI and for anyone else's who might be interested, the person from Bethany who posted over at Spec Faith is none other than the man who made it possible for us to have this blog tour--Jim Hart. Jim saw to it that those of us requesting a review copy of Fearless got it.

    Nice wrap of the tour, Jason.