Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blogs to Read - John C. Wright

I've mentioned John C. Wright before (he of the epic Space Princess Literary Movement), but this is a post that I highly recommend.

Mr. Wright is a well-read, thoughtful and articulate man. He is a lawyer, journalist, and currently a science fiction author. He used to be a strident atheist, but between the rationalism of Christianity and an encounter with the living God, he is now a Christian. And is not afraid to state his position. He knows he is losing readers, but he will not back down from discussing the Way.

His LiveJournal is one of the places I have bookmarked through Bloglines, and I always look forward to his posts. They may be ultimately silly or very serious. Today he had a post discussing atheism and Christianity. Not in an attack way, as he holds forth a discussion with a commenter to his blog that he deems a reasonable man asking reasonable, thoughtful questions. However, the counter John has is well worth the read. Below is just a snippet:
I do not assume Christianity is true because I was raised in a Christian society. I know it true because the truth of it was poured into me by the Holy Spirit during a supernatural event in my life. The conviction cannot come to you until the same thing happens to you, and it is beyond my power to reproduce this effect. I cannot pour Infinity into anyone, or show him the cosmos in a teardrop. I am a mortal man, or once was. I am a person who experienced something so full of wonder that it cannot be put into words: I found the Holy Grail. One sip from this cup can grant life, eternal life, and abundant joy. The cup is spiritual, not material, and so I cannot hand it to you. But if you ask for it, it will be given you. And since it is not material, no hand can snatch it from you.

Also, check out his books! I read Orphans of Chaos this winter, and enjoyed it greatly. It is not always up to CBA sensibilities, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

Mr. Wright is someone to pay attention to, whether it be his blog or his writing.


  1. "Orphans of God"? You mean "Orphans of Chaos." (Though "Orphans of God" is a good book title someone should use.)

  2. D'oh! My bad, Mr. Wright. Thanks for coming by and catching that. It should be accurate now.